The city of Asti

The d’Ouja d’Or is a market fair on precious wines with the competitions, wine tasting and conferences and events involving wine and food. It takes place in the most prestigious historic buildings in the town centre and the objective is to inform people about the best wines to be found in Italy.
The Festival delle Sagre Astigiane, (The Asti Popular Festival) takes place on the second weekend in September and pays homage to the life of the peasants of the past. There is an extraordinary parade with 3000 figurants who act out scenes of the typical life of the peasants, their jobs and their rites.
At the end of the parade the Piazza del Palio turns into the largest open-air restaurant in Italy, thanks to the work of over forty local organisations which offer visitors local food and wine.

Langhe Monferrato Roero
La Valleandona

The reserve area, known to paleontologists and scholars since the early 1800s, is part of the Pleistocene Basin Astigiano; Fossil marine shells are easily observed in numerous sandy outcrops. The sediments are all dated to Pliocene (5.3 – 1.8 million years ago), with different layers.

In the Valleandona area you can access freely, using pedestrian routes, mountain biking and horse riding.

The Reserve is also equipped with a paleontological museum and a workshop, made from the former elementary school of the hamlet, an equipped area and a touristic center for visiting and carrying out educational activities.

We are especially happy to accompany you and guide you free of charge to visiting the Protected Area

* Along with the authorized personnel of the Aegean Protected Areas.